Activist Kaphale distributes moringa plants 

On the occasion of WED 2020, an environmental activist Hement Raj Kaphale in support of Rotary Club Dang distributed Moringa plants in Dang. Aiming to plant  8 Billion trees throughout the world, kaphle and his  team has organised a tree plantation  programme at Banjadi.

Around 100 Moringa plants are distributed  to the local people . Being part of 8 Billion trees volunteer and EN ROAD climate interactive Ambassador Hement Raj kaphale insights his experience of planting trees and esense of environment conservation on the program.  

"We should be responsible to balance this ecosystem and plant more trees in our community.". he added.  Suban Nursery of Nepalgunj has provided the plants to the people.  and the programme was organized by Rotary club Dang .  inspector Giri Raj Bhandari , Indra Shrestha  and former  forest officer Budhdi Bal Shersta volunteered and  joined hands in the 8 billion campaign. 


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